Pray And Gain Strength

“Get up and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.” – Luke 22:46

These were Jesus’ words to His disciples while they were asleep. Once in a while, we all fall into temptation. We all sin. But, there is a solution – Prayer.

An angel from heaven appeared to Him (Jesus) and strengthened Him. Luke 22:43

When Jesus prayed out of anxiety, He received strength from God. Think about it for a minute – Jesus being the Son of God needed strength from heaven when He was about to be crucified. We can’t even imagine what He must have been through. But, he was faithful and sincere in His prayer life. He did not take it for granted that God would help Him. He groaned and prayed on His knees until His sweat fell on the ground. Such was His devotion. What about us? Just like Jesus, we need to be faithful in our prayer lives. We need to pray without ceasing to be able to overcome any and every temptation.

Prayer is a powerful armor that keeps us safe in God’s loving arms. 


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